22 Apr 14 at 9 pm
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Today marks what seems like the end of an era. Two years ago today I added a second phone line to my cell phone plan for my now ex boyfriend John. Worst mistake of my life. Of course back then i jumped into the first person who seemed interested and like clockwork we broke up not too long after. 

A girl whom i am no longer friends with but my best friend at the time picked up the phone line so i would be paying for an unused second line. I was thankful ( and still am) though that friendship proved sour within the past year and honestly I’ve been counting down the hours up to today for quite some time. 

With my phone plan now being mine and only mine again, i feel like I can finally close that chapter of my life. Ive been in a rut lately and I really hope getting this piece of independenace back motivates me to get back on track. 

So tonight I celebrate, the end to a chapter that holds a lot of drama, disappointment, failure and betrayal. Cheers to a new chapter filled with hope, success, happiness and clarity. 

20 Apr 14 at 6 pm

So proud of myself for accomplishing this hike! 2.6 miles round trip. First hike ever, hanging rock park. I really enjoyed myself

Happy holiday to all my stoners out there! I had a friend tell me the other day he didn’t understand why today is different from other days since we typically smoke everyday. So why is today important?

The term “420” is just part of our culture and today allows us to celebrate all it does for us. So let’s celebrate: to the herb…

That keeps me sane.
Inspires me to be a better person.
That heals.
That brings people together.
Inspires creativity.
Provokes thinking.
That changed my life for the better.
And so much more. So have a great and safe holiday!

And Happy Easter as well 🐰😊

19 Apr 14 at 12 pm


Nobody Suspects a Thing…

Rubber Psyducky, you’re the one.

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Nobody Suspects a Thing…
Rubber Psyducky, you’re the one.